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Call the team at AIB Insurance today and be speak to their experienced staff dedicated to the needs of high performance car owners who will provide you with your competitive, tailored Lotus Insurance Quotations  on 02380 268 351.

AIB are a leading UK motor car insurance intermediary based in Hampshire who have been offering specialist insurance for over 20 years.

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Your special car deserves a special policy and we at TLF understand this so have teamed up with high performance specialist AIB Insurance.  AIB offer members a bespoke service and can cater for the modern and classic performance vehicles including those that have been modified.  They even provide our members discounts for being club members as well as limited mileage discounts, length of ownership discounts, garaging discounts and include legal expenses cover free of charge to all our members.

Not only do AIB provide a discount for being a club member but they have agreed to provide the legal expenses cover (typically £20-£30) free of charge when you mention ‘The Lotus Forums’.

  • Agreed value cover
  • Choice of repairer
  • Garage discount
  • Discount for TLF Members
  • Breakdown cover
  • Limited Mileage policy
  • Bespoke Personal Insurance Service
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Legal Expenses Cover Free of Charge when quoting ‘TheLotusForums’
  • Specialist Classic Car Rates for the older Lotus owner

Lotus Insurance, think ‘AIB Insurance’
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The importance of dealing with experienced staff dedicated to the needs of high performance car owners cannot be over emphasised. Lotus Insurance – think AIB Insurance. This Motor Insurance guide will help you understand car insurance costs and find the right insurance quote for you.

Speak to AIB – with specialist schemes and facilities as well as club discounted prices we would recommend AIB as your first call when insuring your Lotus – AIB can be contacted on 02380 268351

How to reduce the premiums for a Lotus?

Driving Carefully – Sounds like an obvious tactic, however by building up 5 years no claims bonus can earn you a discount of as much as 70%. Also speeding and other road offences can lead to points on your licence which can load your premium and in certain cases may lead to insurance companies even refusing insurance due to the high insurance grouping of most Lotus cars.

Length of Ownership and proving what you owned before – Most insurers will provide healthy discount to those that have owned the vehicle for over 12 months and your premium will reflect this.  However, if you have purchased a new vehicle the need to approach a specialist broker is greater, as providing you can prove it, they may be able to still obtain the same discount if the vehicle is comparative or consider natural progression.

GPS Vehicle Tracking – GPS vehicle tracking can be used to locate a vehicle and provide data on the journeys it has made. GPS vehicle tracking can therefore be used as a security measure on high performance vehicles, allowing them to be tracked and recovered when stolen and even immobilized remotely, depending on the system in place. Having such technology installed will lead to many insurers offering a discount on your premium. Some insurers offer their own tracking technology which records your driving and road use and calculates your premium on a pay as you drive basis.

How you use your car – Most car insurance policies will offer a “social, domestic and pleasure” use with an option to include one place of commuting. There is also “Business use” which generally refers to travelling on your company’s behalf – such as to meetings etc. Be sure to clarify with your insurer exactly what you use your vehicle for and don’t pay for more than you need to.

Valuing your car correctly – Whilst the value doesn’t have a huge impact on the premium, it does have an impact none the less.  Having an idea on the true value of the vehicle will make certain you are not paying any more than you should be for your motor insurance.  Those classic Lotus owners where the values are increasing need to also be sure the value is a reflection of the current market value.

Mileage Limit – If you use your Lotus solely on the weekends as a fun car then make sure you limit your mileage to a sensible figure. Insurance companies will take the view of the lesser miles you do each year the smaller the chance of being involved in an accident, hence a lower premium.

Garaging Discounts – If you can keep your vehicle in a garage every night most insurers will provide a sensible discount.  The garaging endorsement only typically applies when the vehicle is at your home address or within a short distance of your home but be aware, if you have obtained the discount and your vehicle is not garaged at home overnight your insurers would have the right to decline a claim!

Security Enhancements – Every new Lotus will come with an immobilizer as standard, but adding extra features such as wheel locks, and parking your car in a locked garage at night will slash your premiums. Best thing to do is ask your insurance company which security features they recommend and which ones they offer discounts for.

Pay annually – Spreading the cost of car insurance may seem like a good idea but interest charges can add as much as 13% to a premium so if you can afford it, it is best to pay upfront.

Increase your voluntary excess – The excess refers to the amount you pay in the event of a claim. The higher you set this, the lower your premium will be, however be careful not to go overboard, set it to a level you can comfortably afford.

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