TLF spotted some stunning shots of the amazing Magma Red Emira on social media and with the photographers blessing, wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Peter Mosoni and I’m a freelancer automotive photographer from Hungary.

Had some amazing experiences, chances to shoot interesting cars through my career but if you were about to say that I’ll have the keys to the new Emira for the weekend with a brief “Take nice pictures” I’d probably laugh! I would have been so wrong since this just happened and I’m really grateful for Lotus Gablini (the only local dealership of Lotus) that they trusted me enough to carry on with this project.

The new Emira… I must admit when introduced I was a little bit sceptic as the concept looked so very well designed that the production version seemed way too toned down. When I entered their showroom all of my doubts disappeared, the car looks beautiful in the flesh. Sprinkled with amazing details and some “Easter eggs” that remind you that “British Motoring” and “British humour” still alive and kicking!

The proportions are just perfect, if I really need to nit-pick, than maybe the ride high is a bit too high, but then that’s probably because you want to use your car on a daily base don’t you?! I also had the chance to drive the final edition of the Exige, and one of the other worries I shared probably with others is that the Emira will be too soft compared to its predecessor. Well the way I felt after giving the keys back as follows: “I believe the parents can sit back and relax, their child has grown up and become successful” in other words the car matured big time and I think to its advantage”.

Well, all left for me is to say thank you for reading these few lines and “enjoy the pictures”.

Regards, Peter


IG: (@petermosoni)


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As a bonus, Peter has kindly allowed us to share his pictures of the Exige from his trip to Lotus Gablini

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